Activist ToolKit #BanTheBans!

Below are the promised tools and explanations to attempt a slow down of the current rolling medical marijuana cultivation and manufacturing bans.

Thank you to Super Awesome Attorney Charnel James for your time today helping our community to prepare these documents!  ❤ ❤ ❤


This is a letter, prepared by Attorney Charnel James, informing authorities seeking to enact hasty bans that the March 1 date will not hold and that ALL LOCAL AGENCIES MUST SEE APPROVAL OF THE CALIFORNIA SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE BEFORE SEEKING TO BAN OR REGULATE A SEED, PLANT OR CROP:  Notice to Authorities Seeking Ban Without Approval of Secretary of Agriculture

This is Exhibit A, mentioned in Charnel’s letter above, that shows the letter from Assemblymember Wood stating that the March 1 deadline will be changed: Exhibit A Woods Letter

This is the analysis letter from Ellen Komp of Cali Norml explaining that the March 1 date will not stand in court even if it takes longer than March 1 to change the legislation: NORML Letter re woods letter

This is the verbiage of AB2470, which requires local agencies to seek approval of the secretary before banning a plant and AB243, which declares cannabis to be an agricultural product: APPROVAL FOR NEW ORDINANCES REGULATING PLANTS, SEEDS OR CROPS REQUIRED BY CALIFORNIA SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE

This is the verbiage of Sec 52334 of the California Food and Agricultural Code: California Food and Agricultural Code

Thank you to all of the volunteers across our state who are about to deliver this information to local authorities in order to halt the immediate implementation of local bans resulting from passage of the MMRSA.  We will have further arguments and analysis shortly, but this is enough to get us started and hopefully ensure that no local agency will act before seeking legal analysis if this very important information.





3 thoughts on “Activist ToolKit #BanTheBans!

  1. I can’t thank you enough for getting the legal letter …I’ll make sure it gets to as many elected officials as possible in my area. I don’t know who that guy in Butte was that tipped you off about this, but he/she deserves the thanks of every medical marijuana patient in the state. Let me be the first to say: A MILLION THANKS!


    1. 😉 He is one of the coolest people I know, and my guess is that you already know him too. lol. Just remember, we are just going to put them on notice, and they are going to do what they want to do anyway because they obviously have no respect for the rule of law as it applies to them. We already have an answer ready for them when they do 😀


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